Why OO&K



By building a diverse and inclusive workplace, we bring together the varied skills and experiences of people from different backgrounds to foster innovation, address changing markets, and meet the demands of our diverse clients. Our advocates, legal support and business service staff are critical to this mission. We work closely together across the organization, comprising an elite and interdisciplinary legal team. The firm maintains an “open door” policy that provides an opportunity for feedback throughout the work cycle. Everyone is encouraged to solicit feedback at the end of an assignment or project.



We promote a rewarding professional life by enabling our employees to balance their work, family, and personal interests. We understand the value of a healthy work-life equilibrium and offer flexible work arrangements, including non-traditional office hours, part-time, nighttime, and work-from-home arrangements. OO&K aims to foster fulfilling careers with opportunities for development and growth as well as confident, satisfying lives for all of our personnel.



OO&K core values mark the foundation principles of the firm. Everything we do is measured against these standards to ensure that we deliver on our promises consistently and without compromise. We believe that the manner in which we conduct business is as important as the business itself. The result of this unique approach is a sophisticated practice—an intellectually-charged atmosphere with a culture of accountability and a group of people who are enthusiastic about working at OO&K



We are a national firm that is rapidly developing to address prevalent legal challenges in a variety of industries and practice areas.



OO&K implement strategies that drives operations in a way that is ethical, society friendly and beneficial to clients in their legal needs. We understand that we have a responsibility to our society and we have made Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) an integral part of our firm culture. To underline our deep commitment to making a difference in people’s lives, we are guided by an existing policy and the firm commits a substantial budgetary allocation each year to CSR initiatives.


We are an intellectually curious and technologically-savvy firm. We encourage an exchange of ideas in the quest for quality and constructive dissent targeted at continuous improvement. Through the use of state-of-the-art tools and the gathering of mission-critical data from every legal transaction, we are able to expand and maintain a true business partner relationship with each of our clients. We enthusiastically welcome team members who are equally dedicated to the cause of constant growth and refinement of our process.



We recognize that everyone on the team is integral to our success and contributes to the firm in a variety of ways. OO&K seeks to attract the very best and brightest and is committed to retaining top talent by maintaining an environment driven by merit. OO&K culture provides a powerful platform for progression and opportunity no matter what role you are in; it is a place where goals and expectations are clearly communicated, giving you the ability to exceed your professional objectives while propelling the firm forward. Your compensation is aligned with your overall contribution to the team and meeting your individual goals.



Our model combines a disciplined production approach to handling all repetitive processes, from client on-boarding to matter management to billing, with intellectual rigor applied to creative problem solving. The depth of our critical thinking and collaborative style encourages open, candid communication with clients, produces a spirit of transparency and integrity, and ensures that we deliver great outcomes.



Unique to a firm of this size, our process provides rapid development of our associates’ competencies with exposure to substantial experience such as managing transactions, court appearances, and taking depositions.