Secretarial services

The range of Company Secretarial Services to clients including; attending company meetings and recording proper minutes, filing statutory returns and updating members registers at the Company Registry in a timely manner.

We also maintain and ensure the security of company’s statutory books, records and documents including; registers for directors & secretaries, shareholders & their shareholding, charges on the company’s assets, debenture holders, minutes of the company’s shareholder and board meetings, certificates of incorporation, memoranda and articles of association, share certificates and stock transfers (if any), company seals etc. We advise on corporate governance including drafting and reviewing of policies such as board and board committee charters, procurement & HR manuals, and compliance with memoranda and articles of association and the Companies Act. Our law firm is agreeable to annual retainer agreements for purposes of company secretarial work.


What we offer

Attending company meetings

Maintain and secure companies statutory books and documents

Filing statutory returns

Advice on corporate governance

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