Electoral Law and Election Petitions.

OO&K offers legal services of full range natue on all aspects of election law and election petitions to diverse clients including election bodies, tribunals, political parties, candidates, committees and public interest groups.

Our team is equipped to handle complicated legal issues surronding elections with long history and a track record spearheading the underlying practices of free, transparent and fair elections.

At OO&K we have immense experience in this area as we have sucessfully defended the independent Electroal amd Boundaries Commission (IEBC) in various electoral positions in tribunals up to the Supreme Court of Kenya.

Further, numerous reported election law cases are those that have OO&K repesenting one of the parties.

Our team guarantees efficiency and sound legal advice when it comes to our approach in the murky area of electoral law and election petitions.

What we offer

Electoral dispute resolution.

Consultancy on electoral law.

Advice on boundaries delimitation.

Advice on ethics.

Advice on campaign funds.

Compliance with the electroal Law.

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