Corporate and Commercial

The business landscape in Africa is changing at a fast pace. Multinational corporations and  international investors need to adapt to this new reality and work with a legal partner who understands the inherent risks and opportunities relevant to each jurisdiction – we fit the bill.

We provide responsive, clear and strategic solutions-oriented commercial legal services in company formation, reconstruction, joint ventures, partnerships and shareholders agreements. In addition to drafting and negotiation of a wide range of contracts, we also advise on corporate finance – including public and private capital raisings, venture capital, debt financing, mergers and acquisitions.

We advise on set up of companies, optimal set-up options for international investors looking to invest in Kenya, restructuring of companies, regulatory and licensing requirements. We also advise on compliance, drafting of standard form documentation, completion of regulatory questionnaires, drafting bank security documents such as debentures, mortgages, charges, registrations as well as securities. 

What we offer

Ensure clients compliance with latest legal regulations

Drafting and negotiating various business contracts and agreements

Assist clients on successful and efficient business formation

Joint venture transactions

Commercial litigation

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