Built for efficiency


When  OO& was founded, we envisioned a law  firm that transcends the highest industry standards in the provision of professional, exceptional and innovative delivery of legal solutions. This was an intentional move to mould the legal practice to best serve our clients’ needs thus providing our clients with value, timely communication with no data error and with access to case status, pleading, correspondence from the comfort of their offices or wherever they may be on the globe.

 To achieve these efficiently, we have adopted principles that will make OO&K achieve its promise to you:

  Knowledge and Experience Centered.


  Technology enabled.


    Process Driven.


    Continued group and Individual capacity building.


Every activity has been built to deliver consistent quality, greater efficiency, and actionable insight. From client on boarding, task assignment and document generation to data capture, billing and more.

Taking cue from successful service companies outside of the legal industry, we purposely designed our firm around the pillars of efficiency, quality, transparency, and insight.

Mapped and streamlined the legal process from end-to-end.

Automated routine legal tasks using workflow tools and other technologies.

Simplified document creation by developing an electronic template library.

Developed prescriptive workflows that drive consistent quality and productivity.

Powered business analysis by capturing information throughout the course of a legal matter.

Provided self-service access to matter status, documents, and reports all in one place.

The result? A law firm that is Built for efficiency.

We purposely designed OO&K around the pillars of efficiency, quality and transparency.This means that our legal team focus on strategy, creative professional, exceptional and innovative solutions, timely orderly capture of data making us  disassociate from low value, and time-consuming in provision drudge work and red tape in provision of legal services.