We are an innovative, process-driven, technology-enabled firm that seeks talented Advocates who have the ability to think creatively, work collaboratively, and are as passionate as we are about delivering an exceptional level of value to our clients. OO&K  hire capable advocates at various levels of experience. If you are a lateral advocate or a first-year associate, once hired, we do our utmost to ensure that your on-boarding experience is an excellent one. We rapidly integrate you into our firm culture and train you on our technology platform and workflow tools because we share a common objective –that you become an effective contributor to the firm and our clients as quickly as possible. On a continuing basis, we actively foster your professional growth and development by encouraging participation in continuing legal education courses, mentoring programs, and meaningful work.

OO&K Advocates perform a variety of tasks that include drafting and editing briefs, pleadings, contracts, and transactional documents, all the while maintaining a sharp focus on quality and efficiency. Accomplishments and acquired skill sets, and not class year, determine the pace of advancement to case management responsibilities, expanded interactions with clients and other counsel, and appearances in court or negotiations.

OO&K  Advocates have a broad range of responsibilities from matter management and mentoring and counseling to building and maintaining client relationships. Advocates support the growth and development of the firm by providing information to the partnership on litigation and regulatory trends and assisting with case assignment and hiring decisions.

If you are interested in a career with OO&K, please send your resume to